Reimagining Travel Through Architecture

Jaunt, the innovative app I crafted, serves as the bridge between architecture enthusiasts and unparalleled vacation accommodations. It's more than just a platform; it's an invitation to discover, book, and immerse yourself in extraordinary architectural designs across the globe.

As the creator of Jaunt, I donned the roles of both a UX researcher and UI designer. My mission: to revolutionize how architecture enthusiasts plan their journeys.


UX researcher, UI design


1 Week







In the crucible of USC's Design for User Experience course, Jaunt was born. This user-centric UX/UI design project culminated in the creation of a mobile app that unites architecture and design enthusiast with extraordinary global vacation experiences. Jaunt goes beyond offering just accommodations; it's an avenue for education and inspiration, introducing users to the world of remarkable architectural designs.


The project requirement was to create an accommodation app with the inclusion of specific features like overlays and horizontal scrolling.

Lot of the time, traditional hotels or staying offer standardized rooms, devoid of individuality and the memorable touch travelers crave and architecture enthusiasts lack resources to explore captivating designs during their journeys.

How can we provide users with unique, educational, and private accommodations that go beyond traditional options?


User Research

To gain profound insights into user preferences and pain points, I embarked on a series of online interviews. These conversations delved into the minds of travelers, from those who stayed in traditional hotels to those hesitant to book trips. It became apparent that users yearned for accommodations with unique designs.


Designing for Wonder

The design solutions addressed the identified pain points and aimed to create a comprehensive app experience for architecture enthusiasts seeking unique accommodations and architectural exploration.

I envisioned a minimalist, visually engaging interface, drawing inspiration from a meticulously curated mood board. It aimed to awaken a sense of inspiration and wonder in users.


Tailoring the Search

I created two distinct search and filtering mechanisms, catering to different user needs.

The first simplifies accommodation selection, saving users time by helping them narrow down options based on architectural styles, locations, and more.

The second mechanism allows users to explore accommodations alphabetically, focusing on architectural style, influences, and landscapes.

It's a valuable tool for those seeking specific architects or a deeper architectural connection.


Personalized Wishlist

I introduced two types of wishlists - one for favorite architects and another for specific house architectures. These features empower users to curate their preferences effectively, revisiting and organizing their architectural inspirations.


Educational Integration

My goal was to make Jaunt not just a booking platform but also an educational resource.

Each accommodation listing included architectural insights, historical context, and a dedicated architect biography page. This added educational value for users interested in the finer details of architecture.



This project was a valuable learning experience that underscored the importance of addressing user pain points, incorporating educational aspects, and iterating designs based on user feedback. Through the development of Jaunt, I honed my UX research and UI design skills, gaining insights that will undoubtedly shape my future design endeavors.


The Jaunt project proved to be both challenging and enjoyable. Creating something from scratch required careful time management and balancing of expectations. While initially aiming to surpass all other apps, I had to remind myself of the project's main criteria and manage the limited time. Throughout the project, I learned the importance of managing time and expectations.